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Then the pandemic struck. I was furloughed from my job in Alta, Utah and denied unemployment insurance. I think we can all connect with feeling grateful to have places like Manor Park to help us cope with feelings of grief and uncertainty. My peaceful morning walks have been a source of solace. Then, George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer. The peace of my morning walks is no longer comforting. It is a disturbing reminder of the whiteness of the community that made me who I am today. I am not surprised. This is not politics, it is data. It is the lived experience of Larchmont residents like me who are just fine even when everything goes wrong.

It is the tranquility of Manor Park while cities are under curfew and on fire. A tacit agreement of willful ignorance dominates this predominately liberal, white and wealthy community. It was We had a mock election. John McCain won. Even with a black president. The history curriculum at Mamaroneck High School is progressive compared to others throughout the United States. The broad scope of the peers I went to parties with during high school had gone to either Chatsworth or Murray Avenue. The only reason someone would imagine calling the cops was for help if someone had alcohol poisoning.

All of us drank underage and some of us got caught. The biggest consequences we could imagine were rescinded college applications or the wrath of our coaches. But those earnings are enabled by a system that accrued wealth from zero-cost enslaved labor. The only expense, of course, was and continues to be black lives. When I settled in at Tufts, I was immediately exposed to the narratives of privilege. I quickly learned to make jokes about being from the lame suburbs when people asked me where I was from; to show them that I knew they knew. I started to confront where and what I came from and it made me deeply uncomfortable.

This discomfort translated into anger and resentment; it made me want to run even further away. I felt powerless and confused. Avoidance and escapism enable white supremacy to continue. We must confront what we are in denial about, the awareness that our powerful community is complicit in allowing white supremacy to flourish.

There are very few opportunities to bear witness to overt racism in our community because it is so white. It is easy to feel powerless right now, but feelings are not facts. The truth is, none of us in this community are powerless. To acknowledge this power would mean taking responsibility. Attempting to take responsibility means risking failure.

But we can always begin again because we have our lives. The thing is, no Married sluts Mamaroneck United States matters in America until black lives matter. Black lives matter will not matter unless people in positions of power take action.

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This is a conversation that should never end. Any ideas? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact I love your idealic village of Larchmont. I have an idea! So please back up your liberal white woman virtue aling with your money and dispossess yourself of the burden of your privilege. I would gladly take it on for you! We are sorry for your loss today, Anna Robling. We know how much you and your family has backed the Trump Campaign, but we hope you understand feeling simple should have any repercussions on your interpretation of your community.

We hope you can accept the of this election and defer your family from acting like bigots in the future.

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Disclaimer: I am not a Larchmont resident. Nor am I wealthy. In fact, it never occurred to me that I needed to point this out to anyone. It seems to me that the loathsome business of asing negative attributes to people based on their immutable characteristics rather than who they are as individuals is not likely to end well. Those who do it, as in the case of Ms Robling, apparently feel noble and are likely seeking social rewards for doing so.

But, I would argue, her words are dangerous and, despite the understandable instinct to dismiss them as nonsense, they should be taken very seriously. When I hear the reckless condemnation of White people by sanctimonious attention seekers it brings to mind what usually happens in societies when social groups are targeted in the way Ms Robling has done here.

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History is filled with the murderous details. Anyone who is familiar with Holocaust Married sluts Mamaroneck United States, for example, knows that long before the Nazis implemented the Final Solution they were disparaging Jews as a group. They used despicable and unfounded propaganda to shape a false narrative which depicted German Jews as being guilty of offenses against the society at large.

This laid the groundwork for the most horrific kind of group punishment in later years. In fact, I would encourage her do to so. As they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. But I suggest we all guard against those who would turn Americans against each other because of what class they belong to, whether that class is based on race, religion, income, or anything else. I propose that we all agree to judge people by the content of their character.

You have lived a life sheltered in a community of the haves as opposed to the have nots. You have no idea what it is truly like in the world. People like you believe everything that you see on the various types of media outlets. Racism is not only a white disorder. I am a white male of Irish and English descent and grew up in the Morris Park section of the Bronx and later moved into this community when I got married. Growing up in the Bronx, my family and I were victims of racism by various races and ethnicities.

My sister was robbed twice and sexually assaulted and called a white whore. My older brother was attacked and almost killed by a black crowd of adolescents for being white. My younger brother was also robbed by a group of blacks. I myself have been a victim of attempted robbery. My years of martial arts was my solitude that helped me defend myself and quickly escape.

My Aunt was also assaulted and robbed by young blacks and called derogatory comments related to her Hispanic heritage. But do I judge all blacks by the actions of a few. No, I absolutely do not. There are overfull time police in the this country. They have well over 10 million incidents with all types of people every day. That adds up to hundreds of billions of public interactions in a year, possibly 1 trillion.

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Yes there is racism in the police department.

Married sluts Mamaroneck United States

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