Searching for that best friend lover

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A woman feels bereft because her friend has less time for her. We spent less and less time together and when we did, she seemed disengaged. It rather broke my heart as I consider her one of my closest confidantes. I would still love to get our friendship back on track. Friends move on and journey in different directions. There is no such thing as the status quo when it comes to our relationships, so regarding every change that occurs as an affront is simply not sustainable. Good friends are part of our support structure, like scaffolding; not always imperative but hopefully available to tap into during times of serious instability.

The best friendships evolve over time and picking up where you left off should be as easy after a decade as it is after a day.

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What exactly do you want to achieve by confronting her? T-shirts, necklaces, stickers and posters all perpetrate the mythology around being stuck together like glue. In adulthood, being bonded takes on much more onerous connections and most of us would fight hard not to be so irrevocably attached. As we mature so too should our friendships.

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Experiences become more subjective, fate takes us on different paths, and geographical distance and pesky partners have to be negotiated, too. Navigating that changing terrain means learning to celebrate the ebb and flow of experience, enjoying the periods when your paths converge and learning to stay afloat independently when you drift apart. Meeting a partner, having children, changing job, moving location are the likeliest occurrences in an ever-changing world.

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Giving those you love the necessary room to achieve their potential while maintaining a connection are skills we need to become adept at as we mature. Battling Canute style against the tides will only leave you feeling frustrated. The greatest threat to our happiness is often our misplaced determination to control our destiny.

We need to learn to be shape shifters, embracing ups and downs, fulfilment and frustration and people who move in and out of our lives. A hamster on a wheel endlessly treading the same space is the definition of hell, but we should be equally fearful about trying to control the pace of change and where and when it occurs. If you have a dilemma, send a brief to mariella.

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Searching for that best friend lover

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