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View: Place Reviews. Reviews: 16 Ratings: 22 Log in to view all ratings and sort. Reviews by schoolboy:. I was in town on business and this place was visible from the hotel.

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Amazing selection, but not necessarily perfectly maintained brews - too many taps. The service, as I recall, was not great either, but it was a long time ago and late at night. I hope to get back to it some time. Jan 01, DaveRinn from Washington 3. HoppySeb from Washington 3. VinoGuy from Maryland 4. What can I say? How do I know this? S: All nice and friendly S: Very good. One can NOT complain. The only reason why a 5 was not given is because you wont be finding an Abyss, or PtE here.

Aug 20, They have a great selection of beers, many of them quality. That means that even though my luck mandates that at least one of my choices will always be out or unavailable, there's always a great second, third, or fourth choice. I never like the crowded slightly-trendy scene, though, or the pounding music. The food's good though, and if you can get a quiet table with some friends and somehow avoid a drunk programmer peddling La Chouffeyou can have a pretty good time. Nov 21, Goldorak from Canada QC 3.

It turned out to be an advantageous move, considering that we wouldn't have spotted that fountain not too far from there. You see, my lady likes fountains, and spending a half-hour there gazing at some contraption that spurted water with accompanying music made me enough brownie points to last a couple of days at least.

She outright Bored in Bellevue beer or chat me, "Okay, we can do all the Beer places that you want now. Just find one quick, I'm hungry. Walking down the snazzy corridors of this modern building in a business sector, alarm bells were ringing in my head. Very upscale sports bar atmosphere, with a twisted bar, private salons, pool tables and an all around nouveau riche feeling. My hunch was right. Selection was pretty disappointing. Lots of "premium" lagers, usual suspect imports, and only a few local micros that could have been found elsewhere, for cheaper. But I was pleasantly surprised at the affordable lunch menu.

My Guinness stew was around 10 bucks, was tasty filled me up right. I didn't dislike my visit here, but frankly had I known I would have spent more quality time elsewhere. Oct 24, We had a wide selection of beers there and none were bad.

Of course, we drank most of the local beers as we cannot get them here on the East Coast. Maybe they cycle faster. The food was good, though maybe a bit excessive for the beers.

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I was very surprised the first time we walked in. The ambiance was yuppie and, at first, I felt a little out of place, but I figured my money is just as good as theirs and I'm there to drink the beers. Our second visit was on Thursday night and a lot of the yuppie crowd was there swilling martinis. I even heard the one couple next to us leave because he couldn't get Bud Light! I guess if we were regulars, we might have a bad experience, but the 2 visits we made were enjoyable and rewarding.

Oct 12, Bad move. I had 3 beers, they were basically all bad. DFH90 was first. A slight tang to it but otherwise it was fine, thanks to the huge flavor masking any off-tastes. I asked what was freshest and my server said they had just tapped it. So not stale, but maybe some dirty tap lines. The bartender saw it was flat so the server only brought me a sample. It was disgusting, sour and super tangy. Luckily no charge.

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I finally risked ordering the new Bud American Ale, man was it gross. Unlike the other two beers, I've never had this, but from the reviews I read, I don't think it's normally this bad! Of course their selection is massive and I have to give them points for it. But Looking around I noticed over half of the lyounger yuppie crowd was drinking mix drinks, which obviously isn't helping their turnover. I assume none of it is particularly fresh or at least served cleanly.

Cool enough atmosphere for the wealthy hipster, very Bellevue.

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I sat at a table in the bar area, which was almost full on a week night around 8pm. My server was pretty attentive and friendly. I got their bbq burger, it was pretty damn good. The bun was phenomenal, like it was baked fresh to order. Welcome to Bellevue, at least they validated parking.

Oct 08, Wetpaperbag from Washington 3.

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However, the food here doesn't match the types of beers they offer. I know there are beers that go with sushi, but it isn't something I would think of right off the bat when thinking about beer. Also a Chicken Philly instead of a Steak Philly? The food just doesn't seem to match the beers they have on tap. I also think that the servers there need to have a better knowledge of beer. I had to show it to her on the menu. Her claim was she hasn't been there for two weeks. But it was there for the last month.

Plus my wife ordered some Maudite and it tasted sour or skunked or something. She has had that beer there many times its one of her favs. We complained to the server, but she didn't get what I was talking about, and neither did the bartender, they both thought the beer was fine. For a place like that you would think the staff would have to be more beer educated if your going to have a claim da fame of beers on tap Jul 26, The issue I had with this place is that beer selection should be what drives someone to this place, yet I feel any first timer might assume that their Yeti is a bit milder than what it is in bottle or on a clean line.

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