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We talked to them about their likes and dislikes, and how they hope to meet their ideal partner amid our new normal. Contractor, Dewey Beach Zodiac : Virgo. Born and raised on a horse farm in Sussex County, John Drury grew up cultivating a love for animals and the outdoors. Dad to a rescue dog, Drury hopes to expand his own crew in a house he plans to buy or build this year.

Best date spot: La Fable in Rehoboth. Favorite holiday: Fourth of July—warm weather, friends, family and cookouts. Deal-breaker: Smoking. Real estate broker, Wilmington Zodiac : Sagittarius. She also loves the flexibility her career affords—spending time with her two daughters and attending their school sports games, as well enjoying friends, travel, new adventures and pastimes like playing tennis, biking, hiking and surfing.

I also appreciate a witty personality. Best date spot: I like the ambiance at Torbert Street Social for drinks. I love all of the newer options on Market Street for great dinners. We are really lucky to have so much to choose from. Pros and cons of dating in a Lonely woman in wilmington state: Finding the two degrees of separation is always interesting to me, but that same two degrees of separation factor can mean that there is little hope for quietly dating anyone.

Pet peeve: Lack of consideration for others, like not holding the door for the person behind you. The New Castle native is a born athlete who competes in distance runs and obstacle courses like the Savage and Spartan races. On values: I prefer women that value things that are theirs, such as a group of friends, an activity or moments to themselves.

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It is important, because many of those things make a partner who they are and who I am interested in because of those things. Best attribute: I have a positive disposition and a good sense of humor. A charming quirk: Humor that comes from my way of seeing the world. Worst habit: Dropping all of my shoes right at the front door. It drives me nuts. A perfect first date: A good hike, a relaxing lunch and an outdoor event, such as a concert in the park, on a nice day.

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Something that allows great conversation and challenges us to be comfortable with each other. Community affairs specialist, Wilmington Zodiac : Taurus. A born giver, Natalie Di Sabatino is dedicated to bettering her community professionally and personally. The Delaware native first took care of children and cancer patients as a nursing student, and today serves the entire state through her role at Discover, from corporate giving to employee volunteerism.

A bit of a foodie, Di Sabatino loves cooking and shares her culinary passion by teaching at a summer camp for children with cancer. The perfect partner: Someone who matches my drive and is supportive of it. And he loves trying to new foods. When the weather was nice, I also went hiking, had picnics, visited the dog park and enjoyed local breweries.

Magical trait: I have a talent for finding four-leaf clovers. Happiest when: I love driving and enjoy jumping in the car and just seeing where I end up. Family law attorney, Wilmington Zodiac : Libra. Some people are born givers, and George Tsakataras is one of them.

He now focuses on family law in his private practice and would like to one day return to the State of Delaware in a position of service. The Philly sports fan is also a lover of the arts who enjoys a gallery exhibition as much as a live show at The Queen. He even wrote a music review column for The News Journal at one point. Perfect first date: A good meal, easy conversation, laughter, connection, chemistry…and losing track of time.

Where are you most happy? In a room full of friends and family who are enjoying themselves. Dream destination: I met a couple coming back from Paris who said they take two months every year and live there. In retirement, I would love to pick a place and do that—and to see all of Greece. An easygoing person, Heather Dougherty loves spending time at the beach, especially in Rehoboth, where her family has a place and her sons like surfing at the Inlet.

While they play in the waves, Dougherty enjoys kicking back with a book, swimming, Jet-Skiing or boating. Lonely woman in wilmington laid-back lifestyle is a stark contrast to her career. An art major at the University of Delaware, she ended up in a surprising field—radiology—where she enjoys the visual aspect and connecting with Lonely woman in wilmington. Simultaneously following her passion for the arts, the self-taught photographer also launched her own studio a decade ago.

I would like them to have a good network of friends and family. Biggest pet peeve: Slow drivers in the left lane. I want everybody to have something in common. When I was a lot younger, I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist. Outside of the classroom, where she draws deep fulfillment from helping tots with autism, Alex Pyle is happiest being outdoors—teaching kids how to ride, spending time with her own horse, running or hiking with Scout, a lab mix she rescued from House of Hope. The Wilmington native hopes to find a partner whose passion for animals and nature matches hers, and who is also confident and has a good sense of humor.

Where do you typically meet dates? Through mutual friends and online. Best attribute: I am a very loyal and caring friend. A quirk that people generally find charming: I am always finding the humor in ordinary things. Rooster or night owl? Morning person. Executive director in financial intelligence, Wilmington Zodiac : Cancer. With dual degrees in ing and law, Dandridge Myles uses her investigative skills to uncover fraud and other financial schemes.

Now she works in the private sector as a financial investigator. Next travel destination? I can practice my tango. A fun date entails: A really nice dinner—at home. I like to hang out together with other people, and I enjoy having people over. Cat or dog person? We have four cats and a dog.

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Advertising executive, Wilmington Zodiac : Scorpio. After working in the banking industry for several years, Eric Anderson transitioned into advertising—a better fit for his outgoing personality. Ideally, that someone has similar interests, is adventurous and enjoys being outdoors. His love of the outdoors dates back to his Boy Scout days and hiking trips he went on with his father, and has taken him as far as the West Coast.

City or country? I like being close to the action in the city but also escaping in nature. Favorite holiday: Halloween. I love how everyone dresses up in costumes and the fun parties, and I also enjoy trick-or-treating with my nieces and nephews.

Lana Del Rey is beautiful, a great songwriter, and I just love her style. The others are funny comedians that are just hilarious.

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Dream travel destination: Switzerland, because there are so many beautiful lakes and mountains. I would definitely want to do some hiking and go paragliding. Conflicts coordinator, Wilmington Zodiac : Libra. Enjoying a glass of prosecco or cabernet sauvignon is her perfect way to unwind after a hectic day.

Having a partner with a great sense of humor is a must.

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The ideal partner: I hope to find someone who has their life together. Family and friends are important to him.

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He loves to travel and is a good communicator. After a date, you can walk around the trail. A perfect first date: Something competitive, like bowling. Worst habit: Nail biting. Physician assistant, plastic and reconstructive surgery, Middletown Zodiac : Gemini.

Lonely woman in wilmington

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